Rush Symposium: Futsal for Development

Rochester, MN

October 27th – 29th

Join us October 27th-29th for our Rush Futsal Symposium.  We will be reviewing the benefits of Futsal for player development, strategies, game rules, and how to implement Futsal into your club’s programming.


10/27/2023 – 10/29/2023



Rochester Community Technical College
College Pkwy SE
Rochester, MN 55904






Structural Foundation: Logics, Principles, Spatial References

7:00a – 9:00a Classroom


Training Foundation: Training Matrix

8:00a – 9:30a Classroom

10:00a – 11:30a Court

1:30p – 4:30p Hands-On Clinic


Tactical Foundation: Platforms, Schemes, Systems

8:00a – 9:30a Classroom

10:30a – 12:00p Court

Top Coaches

Guga Alencar

Coach Guga is a former Brazilian professional soccer player who moved to the US in 2000 to study and play for Florida Atlantic University, an NCAA Division I school.
Since his Freshman year, Coach Guga began his coaching career and since then he has been working with youth development through soccer and Futsal.
Joga Bonito Brazilian Soccer Academy was founded in 2006 by coach Guga with the idea to bring to America the main elements that help Brazil and Brazilian players to reach the top of the soccer world. Futbol, beach soccer, street soccer (Pelada), Footvolley, and of course, Futsal was one of the most important elements in this process.
Guga realized the importance that Futsal had in the development of better soccer players and he decided to focus on Futsal only. With lots of study and partnerships with other Futsal entities, in 2015 Joga Bonito Futsal Academy was born.
For more than 8 years, coach Guga has dedicated his life to promoting the growth and awareness of Futsal in the US.
“Futsal is a must for those who wish to learn, grow, and get better faster, having fun”.

Daniel Cavalcanti

Born in Brazil, Daniel Cavalcanti is currently the Director of Coaching for Joga Bonito Futsal Academy, a club based in South Florida. His career as a coach began in 2011, and since then Coach Daniel has personally acquired experience developing the sport of futsal among the youth nationally throughout the US and internationally in countries like Paraguay, Costa Rica, Mexico, England and Spain.

  • Level 3 National Diploma – United Futsal
  • National Youth Coaching License – US Soccer Federation
  • Director of Coaching Diploma – United Soccer Coaches
  • Methods, Processes, and Concepts of Futsal – AMAX

Leo Barbosa

Coach Leo holds a US Soccer Federation (USSF) “C” License, United Soccer Coaches (USC) Advanced National Diploma, USC Premier Diploma, USC Goalkeeper Level 1&2 Diploma, USC Advanced National Goalkeeping Diploma, USC Futsal Diploma, US Youth Futsal Level 1 & 2 Diploma, United Futsal National Diploma, CBF Academy HP Tactics in Futsal Diploma, Ferreti “Internship” Certificate, USC Director of Coaching Diploma as well as 10+ years of coaching experience in all levels including collegiate. In 2018,2019, 2020, and 2022 coach Leo was part of the US Youth Futsal coaching staff in Minnesota to select players to be part of the US Youth National Futsal Team.

Chris Rue

Chris has been coaching for 25 years at all levels. He led FIU to the D1 National Championship game in 1996 as an assistant coach and has been coaching in the Development Academy and MLS Next U19 age groups for the past 5 years with Kendall and South Florida Football Academy. Chris is currently youth academy director and head coach for Plantation FC UPSL semi-pro team, founder/director of SSA Futsal, and Rush National Futsal Director.

Level 3 National Diploma- United Futsal
USSF B License

Contact Information:

Chris Rue, (561) 262-9460

[email protected]

Mario Concha, Tournament Director [email protected]